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This October, we are re-releasing the original Good News in the Neighborhood curriculum. The rewritten six-week curriculum has been updated for a broader, all-age audience, and will be completely free to use for your church, small group, house church, family, or even for your own individual use. 

This 6-week series will deep dive you into the practical realities of a radical life with Jesus. Built around six themes of community life, you will gain an understanding of your role in your community and be challenged by a series of simple experiments you can try. More than a series that teaches you about being Good News in your community, Good News in the Neighborhood offers practical application based on the life of Jesus and the 1st century Church. Our hope is that you begin to see how God has called you to become good news in your homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Coming Soon

Also starting this October, we are offering a brand new 4-week Good News in the Neighborhood downloadable curriculum each month. Monthly content will build off of the original Good News curriculum to continue the path of loving your neighbors. 


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